2024-2025 Jcps Calendar

The 2024-2025 JCPS calendar is your ultimate roadmap for the upcoming academic year. Dive into this comprehensive guide and discover key dates, term structures, holidays, professional development days, and more. Stay organized and informed with all the essential information at your fingertips.

Get ready for a year filled with learning, growth, and exciting opportunities. Let’s navigate the 2024-2025 JCPS academic calendar together!

Academic Year Overview

The 2024-2025 JCPS academic calendar provides a comprehensive schedule for the school year, including important dates, holidays, and breaks. This overview aims to inform parents, students, and staff about the key dates and events throughout the year.

The school year begins on August 12, 2024, and ends on May 29, 2025. There are 180 instructional days, with breaks scheduled throughout the year, including fall break, winter break, and spring break.


The following holidays will be observed during the 2024-2025 school year:

  • Labor Day: September 2, 2024
  • Thanksgiving Break: November 25-29, 2024
  • Winter Break: December 23, 2024 – January 3, 2025
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day: January 20, 2025
  • Spring Break: March 10-14, 2025
  • Memorial Day: May 26, 2025


In addition to the holidays listed above, there will be several breaks scheduled throughout the school year:

  • Fall Break: October 14-18, 2024
  • Winter Break: December 23, 2024 – January 3, 2025
  • Spring Break: March 10-14, 2025

Term and Quarter Structure

2024-2025 Jcps Calendar

The academic year is divided into four terms, each consisting of two quarters. Each term is approximately nine weeks in length, and each quarter is approximately four and a half weeks in length.

Term 1

Term 1 begins on August 14, 2024, and ends on October 17, 2024. It includes Quarter 1 (August 14 – September 12) and Quarter 2 (September 16 – October 17).

Term 2

Term 2 begins on October 21, 2024, and ends on January 9, 2025. It includes Quarter 3 (October 21 – November 21) and Quarter 4 (November 25 – January 9).

Term 3

Term 3 begins on January 13, 2025, and ends on March 20, 2025. It includes Quarter 5 (January 13 – February 13) and Quarter 6 (February 17 – March 20).

Term 4

Term 4 begins on March 24, 2025, and ends on May 29, 2025. It includes Quarter 7 (March 24 – April 24) and Quarter 8 (April 28 – May 29).

Important Dates and Deadlines: 2024-2025 Jcps Calendar

Stay organized and informed about key dates and deadlines throughout the academic year to ensure a smooth and successful school experience for students, parents, and staff.

The following are important dates and deadlines for the 2024-2025 school year:

Registration Deadlines

  • Kindergarten registration: March 1, 2024
  • New student registration: April 1, 2024
  • Returning student registration: May 1, 2024

Testing Dates

  • NWEA MAP Growth Assessment: Fall 2024, Winter 2025, Spring 2025
  • ACT Aspire: Spring 2025
  • Kentucky Summative Assessment: Spring 2025

Report Card Release Dates

  • First Quarter: October 14, 2024
  • Second Quarter: January 20, 2025
  • Third Quarter: March 24, 2025
  • Fourth Quarter: May 26, 2025

School Holidays and Breaks

2024-2025 jcps calendar

The 2024-2025 academic year will include several holidays and breaks, providing students and staff with time off from school. These breaks are an important part of the school calendar, as they allow for rest, relaxation, and family time.

JCPS is gearing up for the 2024-2025 school year, and the district has already released the academic calendar. If you’re looking for a May 2025 calendar with holidays, you can find one here: may 2025 calendar with holidays. The 2024-2025 JCPS calendar includes important dates such as the first day of school, breaks, and holidays.

Be sure to mark your calendars!

The following is a detailed list of all school holidays and breaks during the 2024-2025 academic year:

Fall Break, 2024-2025 jcps calendar

  • October 14-18, 2024
  • 5 days

Thanksgiving Break

  • November 25-29, 2024
  • 5 days

Winter Break

  • December 23, 2024 – January 3, 2025
  • 12 days

Spring Break

  • March 17-21, 2025
  • 5 days

Professional Development Days

2024-2025 jcps calendar

Professional development days are dedicated to providing teachers and staff with opportunities to enhance their skills, knowledge, and instructional practices. These days are an integral part of the school calendar, offering valuable time for professional growth and collaboration.

To plan ahead for the upcoming school year, check out the 2024-2025 JCPS calendar. You can also explore the Comal ISD 2024-2025 calendar for more insights. Remember to bookmark the JCPS calendar for easy access throughout the school year.

The following is a list of professional development days scheduled for the 2024-2025 academic year:

August 2024

  • August 22, 2024:First Day of Professional Development
  • August 23-24, 2024:Curriculum and Instruction Focus

October 2024

  • October 10, 2024:Data Analysis and Assessment

January 2025

  • January 13, 2025:Instructional Strategies and Best Practices

March 2025

  • March 14, 2025:Student Engagement and Motivation

May 2025

  • May 23, 2025:Last Day of Professional Development

Extracurricular Activities

Jefferson County Public Schools offer a wide range of extracurricular activities for students during the 2024-2025 academic year. These activities provide opportunities for students to develop their interests, make new friends, and learn valuable life skills.Students can choose from a variety of sports, clubs, and other activities that are offered at their schools.

Some of the most popular activities include:


  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Football
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Track and field
  • Swimming
  • Golf
  • Tennis


  • Art Club
  • Band
  • Chess Club
  • Debate Team
  • Drama Club
  • French Club
  • Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)
  • Future Farmers of America (FFA)
  • Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA)
  • History Club
  • Math Club
  • National Honor Society (NHS)
  • Science Club
  • Spanish Club
  • Student Council

Other Activities

  • Cheerleading
  • Dance
  • Intramural sports
  • Peer tutoring
  • School newspaper
  • School yearbook
  • Student government

Extracurricular activities are a great way for students to get involved in their school and community. They can help students develop their leadership skills, teamwork skills, and problem-solving skills. They can also help students make new friends and learn about different cultures.We encourage all students to participate in extracurricular activities.

They are a great way to make the most of your high school experience.

School Calendar Design

2024-2025 jcps calendar

The 2024-2025 JCPS academic calendar is designed to provide a clear and concise overview of the academic year, including important dates, deadlines, and school holidays. The calendar is formatted in a monthly grid view, with each month displayed on a single page.

This format allows for easy navigation and quick reference.The calendar also includes several unique features, such as:

  • A color-coded system to highlight important dates and deadlines.
  • A section for notes and reminders.
  • A tear-off section for each month, which can be used to post on a bulletin board or refrigerator.

Accessibility and Distribution

The 2024-2025 JCPS academic calendar will be widely distributed to ensure that students, parents, and staff have easy access to important dates and deadlines.

The calendar will be available in both print and digital formats. Print copies will be distributed to all students and staff at the beginning of the school year. Digital copies will be available on the JCPS website and through the district’s mobile app.

Accessibility Features

The calendar includes several accessibility features to ensure that it is accessible to all users, including those with disabilities.

  • The calendar is available in a variety of formats, including print, digital, and audio.
  • The calendar is written in clear and concise language.
  • The calendar uses large font sizes and high-contrast colors.
  • The calendar includes images and graphics to help users visualize important information.

Calendar Updates and Changes

2024-2025 jcps calendar

To stay updated on any modifications or changes to the 2024-2025 JCPS academic calendar, we recommend regularly checking the official JCPS website. The website will provide the most up-to-date information and will serve as the primary source of communication for any alterations to the calendar.

If you discover any errors or have a request for modifications to the calendar, you can report them to the JCPS Calendar Committee. The committee will review all requests and make adjustments as necessary. To submit a report or request, please use the official JCPS Calendar Change Request Form, which can be found on the JCPS website.

Reporting Errors or Requesting Modifications

  • Utilize the official JCPS Calendar Change Request Form.
  • Clearly state the error or modification being reported.
  • Provide supporting documentation or justification for the requested change.
  • Submit the form to the JCPS Calendar Committee.

FAQ Explained

When does the 2024-2025 JCPS school year start?

The first day of school is August 11, 2024.

When is the last day of school for the 2024-2025 JCPS school year?

The last day of school is May 29, 2025.

What are the major holidays during the 2024-2025 JCPS school year?

Major holidays include Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Winter Break, and Spring Break.

Are there any professional development days for teachers during the 2024-2025 JCPS school year?

Yes, there are several professional development days scheduled throughout the year.