Abravanel Hall Seating Chart: Explore the Symphony’s Iconic Venue

Abravanel hall seating chart – Embark on a journey through Abravanel Hall’s captivating seating chart, where every seat offers a unique perspective on the symphony’s enchanting performances. From the grandeur of the orchestra level to the intimate ambiance of the balcony, discover the perfect spot to immerse yourself in the magic of music.

Our interactive seating chart provides a bird’s-eye view of the hall, allowing you to explore different sections and choose the seats that best suit your preferences. Each seat is meticulously detailed, providing you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Hall Layout and Sections

Abravanel Hall is designed with a traditional proscenium-style layout, featuring a wide stage and an orchestra pit in front. The seating is arranged in a horseshoe shape around the stage, providing excellent sightlines from all angles.

The hall is divided into four main seating sections: Orchestra, Mezzanine, Balcony, and Grand Tier. Each section offers a unique perspective on the performance, with varying levels of intimacy and acoustics.

Orchestra Section

The Orchestra section is located on the main floor, closest to the stage. It offers the most immersive and engaging experience, with excellent views and acoustics. However, it can be more expensive and may have limited legroom.

Mezzanine Section

The Mezzanine section is located above the Orchestra section, providing a slightly elevated perspective. It offers a good balance between intimacy and panoramic views, with generally good acoustics. It is a popular choice for those seeking a comfortable and affordable option.

Balcony Section

The Balcony section is located at the highest level of the hall, offering a bird’s-eye view of the stage. It provides a unique and expansive perspective, but may have slightly less optimal acoustics and visibility compared to the lower sections.

Grand Tier Section, Abravanel hall seating chart

The Grand Tier section is located in the center of the hall, behind the Orchestra section. It offers a prestigious and exclusive experience, with comfortable seating and excellent acoustics. However, it is typically the most expensive section and may have limited legroom.

Interactive Seating Chart

Abravanel Hall Seating Chart: Explore the Symphony’s Iconic Venue

The interactive seating chart provides a dynamic and immersive way to explore the Abravanel Hall. With this tool, you can navigate through the hall from various perspectives, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the layout and seating arrangements.

Available Seating Options

The seating chart seamlessly integrates with the event calendar, allowing you to view the availability of seats for specific performances or events. By selecting an event, you can instantly see which seats are available for purchase, ensuring you find the perfect spot to enjoy the show.

Detailed Seat Information

Each seat on the interactive seating chart is meticulously labeled with its corresponding seat number, row, and section. By hovering over a specific seat, you can access detailed information, including any special features or amenities associated with that particular seat.

This level of detail empowers you to make informed decisions when selecting your seats, ensuring you have the best possible experience at Abravanel Hall.

Accessibility Features: Abravanel Hall Seating Chart

Abravanel seating utah venues

Abravanel Hall recognizes the importance of accessibility and inclusion, offering a range of features to accommodate patrons with disabilities.

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Designated seating areas are available throughout the venue, providing wheelchair-accessible spaces and companion seating for individuals with disabilities.

Assistive Listening Systems

For patrons with hearing impairments, assistive listening systems are available upon request. These systems provide amplified sound directly to individual headsets, enhancing the listening experience.

Historical Significance

Abravanel hall seating chart

Abravanel Hall, a majestic concert hall in Salt Lake City, Utah, stands as a testament to the city’s rich artistic heritage. Its grand opening in 1979 marked a significant milestone in the development of the performing arts in the region.

The hall is named after Maurice Abravanel, the esteemed music director of the Utah Symphony Orchestra from 1947 to 1979. Abravanel’s vision and leadership played a pivotal role in the creation of the hall, which was designed to provide a world-class venue for the orchestra and other performing arts organizations.

Architectural Features

Abravanel Hall’s architectural design is a blend of modern and classical elements, creating a visually striking and acoustically exceptional space. The exterior facade is adorned with intricate carvings and sculptures, while the interior features a grand lobby with soaring ceilings and a sweeping staircase.

The hall’s auditorium is renowned for its exceptional acoustics, achieved through careful design and the use of advanced sound-absorbing materials. The horseshoe-shaped seating arrangement provides excellent sightlines and a sense of intimacy between performers and audience members.

Anecdotes and Significance

Abravanel Hall has hosted countless memorable performances over the years, cementing its place as a cultural landmark. From the Utah Symphony Orchestra’s acclaimed concerts to performances by world-renowned artists, the hall has witnessed some of the most significant moments in the city’s arts history.

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One notable anecdote involves a performance by the legendary violinist Isaac Stern. During a rehearsal, Stern’s violin string snapped, and he was unable to continue. The audience, filled with anticipation, erupted into applause when he returned with a replacement violin and flawlessly resumed the performance.

Virtual Tour

Step into the grandeur of Abravanel Hall with our immersive virtual tour. Experience the hall’s captivating ambiance and explore the seating arrangements from the comfort of your home.

Navigate through 360-degree views, capturing the hall’s architectural splendor from various seating sections. Discover the intimate atmosphere of the orchestra level or soak in the panoramic views from the balconies.


Our narrated tour guides you through the hall’s rich history and highlights its architectural significance. Learn about the hall’s renowned acoustics, the intricate details of its design, and the unforgettable performances that have graced its stage.

Event Information

Abravanel Hall hosts a wide range of events throughout the year, including concerts, dance performances, and lectures. To stay up-to-date on upcoming events, visit the official website or follow the venue on social media.

Ticket prices vary depending on the event and seat location. Discounted tickets may be available for students, seniors, and members of the military.

Upcoming Events

  • Utah Symphony Concert:Featuring works by Beethoven and Brahms. Tickets start at $25.
  • Broadway in Salt Lake City:The Tony Award-winning musical “Hamilton” comes to Abravanel Hall. Tickets start at $75.
  • Lecture by Nobel Laureate:Physicist Dr. Kip Thorne will discuss his research on black holes. Tickets are free, but reservations are required.

Special Promotions

  • Group Discounts:Groups of 10 or more receive a 10% discount on tickets.
  • Season Subscriptions:Purchase a subscription to a series of events and save up to 20% on tickets.
  • Military Appreciation:Active and retired military members receive a 15% discount on tickets.