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The Buddhist Calendar 2021

What is Buddhist Calendar? 

The Buddhist calendar is the lunisolar calendar system that is used by the Buddhist community and religion. This calendar keeps the record of the moon and the sun’s movements. It is also important to know that this calendar is driven from the Hindu calendar

This is not an official calendar of any country e but somewhere in Southeast Asia people are using it to keep a record of their holiday and spiritual events.  This calendar was developed in Burma, currently present in Myanmar. Megha Puja and Asalha Puja are the two most popular Buddhist festivals and these festival dates are calculated using the Buddhist calendar. 


History Of Buddhist Calendar? 

The Buddhist calendar came into existence in late 544 BC on the day of the death and Nirvana of Buddha. Sometimes people consider it as a Chinese calendar but it is not a thermometer Buddhist calendar is based on the lunisolar calendar which is somewhere similar to the traditional Chinese calendar. Just like the Hindu calendar & Islamic Calendar calendars, it has their own month name, holidays and even the cycle of years. Just like the Gregorian calendar and Julian calendar it has 12 months with 29 and 30 days each. 

Budhhist Calendar 2021 Buddha Calendar

Buddhist Calendar 2021 Buddha Calendar

You would be surprised to know that the Buddhist calendar is divided into two-week periods. The first phase of the period starts with the light and starts the day after the New Moon of the previous month and with the full moon. The second period is known as the dark period which begins that day after the full moon and ends with the new moon day.

Months Name in the Buddhist Calendar

  1. (Sanskrit / Burmese)
  2. Chaitra / Tagu
  3. Vaisākha / Kason
  4. Jyaiṣṭha / Nayon
  5. Āṣāḍha / Waso (Repeated in every 3 years known as Lea year)
  6. Śrāvaṇa / Wagaung
  7. Bhādrapada / Tawthalin
  8. Āśvina / Thadingyut
  9. Kārttika / Tazaungmon
  10. Mārgaśirṣa / Nadaw
  11. Pauṣa / Pyatho
  12. Māgha / Tabodwe
  13. Phālguna / Tabaung

List of Buddhist Holidays in 2021

Below are the listed holidays that will be in the year of 2021 as per the Buddhist calendar.

Date Day Festival
Jan 28, 2021 Thursday Mahayana New Year
Feb 11 or 12, 2021 Thursday or Friday Losar
Feb 15, 2021 Monday Parinirvana Day
Feb 27, 2021 Saturday Magha Puja Day, Sangha Day
Mar 28, 2021 Sunday Avalokitesvara’s Birthday
Apr 27, 2021 Tuesday Theravada New Year
May 26, 2021 Wednesday Vesak, Buddha Purnima
Jul 06, 2021 Tuesday Dalai Lama’s Birthday
Jul 24, 2021 Saturday Asalha Puja
Jul 24, 2021 Saturday Guru Purnima
Aug 13, 2021 Friday Bon Festival
Oct 14, 2021 Thursday Dhammachakra Pravartan Day
Oct 20, 2021 Wednesday Pavarana Day
Oct 27, 2021 Wednesday Lhabab Duchen
Nov 20, 2021 Saturday Loi Krathong
Dec 8, 2021 Wednesday Bodhi Day