Credit Union 1 Amphitheatre Seating Chart

Credit union 1 amphitheatre seating chart – Get ready to rock at the Credit Union 1 Amphitheatre! With its state-of-the-art seating arrangements and unparalleled concert experiences, this iconic venue has become a music lover’s paradise. Dive into our comprehensive seating chart guide to find the perfect spot for your next unforgettable night of live music.

From general admission to exclusive VIP sections, we’ll explore every nook and cranny of the Credit Union 1 Amphitheatre’s seating options. Whether you prefer to be up close and personal with the stage or enjoy the show from a more relaxed vantage point, we’ve got you covered.

Credit Union 1 Amphitheatre General Seating Chart: Credit Union 1 Amphitheatre Seating Chart

The Credit Union 1 Amphitheatre in Tinley Park, Illinois, offers a variety of seating options for concertgoers. The general seating area is located on the lawn in front of the stage. This section is divided into two sections: the Reserved Lawn and the General Admission Lawn.The

Reserved Lawn is located closer to the stage and offers assigned seating. The General Admission Lawn is located behind the Reserved Lawn and offers first-come, first-served seating.Both the Reserved Lawn and the General Admission Lawn offer great views of the stage.

However, the Reserved Lawn offers a more comfortable and intimate experience.

Credit Union 1 Amphitheatre Seating Chart
SectionViewPrice Range
Reserved LawnAssigned seating closer to the stage$49-$99
General Admission LawnFirst-come, first-served seating behind the Reserved Lawn$29-$49

Reserved Seating Options

Credit Union 1 Amphitheatre Seating Chart

For a more elevated concert experience, Credit Union 1 Amphitheatre offers a variety of reserved seating options, each providing exclusive amenities and perks. These options range from premium seats with prime views to comfortable and spacious seating sections.

The amphitheater’s reserved seating is divided into several categories, each offering a unique set of benefits and amenities. These categories include:

Premium Seating, Credit union 1 amphitheatre seating chart

  • Floor Seats:Located right in front of the stage, these seats offer an unparalleled view of the performance. They also come with access to exclusive amenities such as a private lounge and dedicated restrooms.
  • Club Seats:Situated in the lower bowl of the amphitheater, club seats provide a comfortable and luxurious experience. They feature wider seats, extra legroom, and access to a dedicated lounge and bar area.
  • Premium Box Seats:These private boxes offer a VIP experience with panoramic views of the stage. They come equipped with plush seating, a private restroom, and a dedicated food and beverage service.

Reserved Seating Sections

  • Lower Bowl:The lower bowl seats are located closest to the stage, providing excellent views of the performance. These seats are typically more expensive than those in the upper bowl.
  • Upper Bowl:The upper bowl seats are located further from the stage but offer a wider view of the entire venue. These seats are typically more affordable than those in the lower bowl.
  • Lawn Seating:For a more laid-back experience, lawn seating is available at the back of the amphitheater. These seats are general admission and do not provide assigned seating. Blankets or low-profile chairs are permitted in this section.

Accessibility Features

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Credit Union 1 Amphitheatre offers a range of accessibility features to ensure that individuals with disabilities can enjoy live performances comfortably and conveniently.

Looking for the Credit Union 1 Amphitheatre seating chart? While we don’t have that here, you can check out the Gershwin Theater seating chart for a similar layout. The Credit Union 1 Amphitheatre is known for its great acoustics and intimate atmosphere, so you’re sure to have a great time no matter where you sit.

These features include:

Accessible Seating

Designated accessible seating areas are available throughout the venue, providing clear sightlines and ample space for wheelchairs and mobility devices.

Ramps and Elevators

Ramps and elevators provide easy access to all levels of the amphitheatre, including the seating areas, concessions, and restrooms.

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Assistive Listening Devices

Assistive listening devices are available for individuals with hearing impairments. These devices amplify sound and can be used with personal hearing aids or headsets.

Sensory-Friendly Spaces

Sensory-friendly spaces are designated areas where individuals with sensory sensitivities can take breaks from the overwhelming sensory environment of a live performance.

Staff Training

Venue staff are trained to assist individuals with disabilities and provide accommodations as needed.

Special Seating Areas

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The Credit Union 1 Amphitheatre offers a range of special seating areas that provide enhanced amenities and exclusive experiences for concert-goers.

These areas typically feature comfortable seating, dedicated entrances, and access to exclusive amenities such as private restrooms, bars, and food options.

VIP Suites

  • Private, climate-controlled suites with luxurious seating
  • Panoramic views of the stage and seating area
  • Dedicated entrance and restrooms
  • In-suite food and beverage service


  • Private, shaded cabanas with cushioned seating
  • Located near the stage for an intimate concert experience
  • Dedicated entrance and restrooms
  • Food and beverage service available

Lawn Boxes

  • Reserved seating areas on the lawn
  • Raised platforms with cushioned seating
  • Private restrooms and food vendors nearby
  • Limited availability

Tips for Choosing the Best Seats

Credit union 1 amphitheatre seating chart

Choosing the best seats at the Credit Union 1 Amphitheatre can enhance your concert experience. Consider the following tips to find seats that offer the optimal combination of view, comfort, and affordability:

Factors to Consider

  • View:Opt for seats that provide an unobstructed view of the stage, taking into account the distance from the performers and any potential obstructions.
  • Comfort:Look for seats with adequate legroom, back support, and a comfortable incline. Avoid seats near aisles or exits, as they may experience more foot traffic.
  • Budget:Consider your budget when selecting seats. Premium seats closer to the stage are typically more expensive, while seats further away or in higher sections are more affordable.

Recommended Seat Sections

  • Lower Bowl:Sections 101-110 offer excellent views and proximity to the stage.
  • Upper Bowl:Sections 201-210 provide a bird’s-eye view of the stage at a more affordable price.
  • Lawn Seating:For a laid-back experience, consider lawn seating, which offers a spacious area to spread out blankets or chairs.