David Geffen Hall Seating Chart

Prepare to be captivated by the David Geffen Hall seating chart, a meticulously crafted guide that empowers you to secure the perfect seats for an unforgettable experience. Dive into a world of detailed sections, rows, and seat numbers, each promising a unique perspective and set of amenities.

Whether you seek ample legroom, breathtaking views, or convenient access to refreshments, this chart has you covered.

Beyond the seating map, we present an interactive tool that grants you the power to visualize your seat selection. Explore seat dimensions, amenities, and pricing with ease. Narrow down your search effortlessly using our intuitive filters, catering to specific price ranges, seat types, and accessibility needs.

Seating Map Overview: David Geffen Hall Seating Chart

The David Geffen Hall seating chart offers a diverse range of seating options, catering to various preferences and budgets. The hall is divided into distinct sections, each providing a unique experience.

The seating chart comprises three primary zones: Orchestra, Grand Tier, and Balcony. Within each zone, rows are numbered sequentially, and seats are assigned numbers from left to right.


The Orchestra section occupies the main floor of the hall, providing the closest proximity to the stage. It offers excellent acoustics and unobstructed views of the performance.

  • Rows: 1-18
  • Seats: 1-42
  • Amenities: Ample legroom, plush seating, direct access to amenities

Grand Tier

The Grand Tier is situated above the Orchestra section, offering a slightly elevated perspective. It provides a wider view of the stage and the surrounding architecture.

  • Rows: A-H
  • Seats: 1-42
  • Amenities: Comfortable seating, good acoustics, limited legroom compared to Orchestra


The Balcony section is located at the highest level of the hall, offering a panoramic view of the stage and the entire auditorium. It provides a budget-friendly option while still enjoying the performance.

  • Rows: A-G
  • Seats: 1-42
  • Amenities: Affordable prices, limited legroom, obstructed views in some areas

Interactive Seating Chart

David Geffen Hall Seating Chart

An interactive seating chart is an essential tool for venues to provide users with a comprehensive overview of the seating options available. It allows users to select seats, view their corresponding details, and make informed decisions based on their preferences and requirements.

The interactive seating chart should be user-friendly and intuitive to navigate. It should provide a clear and detailed view of the venue’s layout, including the location of seats, aisles, and other amenities.


To enhance the user experience, the interactive seating chart should include filters that allow users to narrow down their search based on specific criteria. These filters can include:

  • Price range: Users can specify a price range to view seats that fit their budget.
  • Seat type: Users can filter seats based on type, such as standard seats, premium seats, or accessible seats.
  • Accessibility: Users can filter seats based on accessibility features, such as wheelchair access or companion seating.

Seat Comparison Tool

The Seat Comparison Tool is a powerful feature that allows users to compare different seats based on their features, amenities, and pricing. This tool is designed to help users make informed decisions about which seats to purchase, ensuring they get the best possible experience for their money.

To use the Seat Comparison Tool, simply select the seats you are interested in comparing. The tool will then display a side-by-side comparison of the seats, including information on their location, features, amenities, and pricing. You can also save your preferred seats and share them with others.


  • Compare up to 4 seats side-by-side
  • View detailed information on each seat, including its location, features, amenities, and pricing
  • Save your preferred seats and share them with others


  • Make informed decisions about which seats to purchase
  • Get the best possible experience for your money
  • Save time and hassle by comparing seats before you buy

Virtual Tour of the Hall

Embark on an immersive virtual tour of the David Geffen Hall, where you can explore the seating zones and amenities from various perspectives.

Navigate through the hall using interactive controls, zooming in on specific areas to get a closer look at the seating arrangements.

360-Degree Views, David geffen hall seating chart

  • Panoramic views allow you to explore the hall from different angles, providing a comprehensive understanding of the seating layout.
  • Get a bird’s-eye view from above or immerse yourself in the atmosphere from the stage level.

Detailed Seat Information

  • Hover over individual seats to access detailed information, including seat numbers, row and section, and pricing.
  • Compare different seating options side-by-side to make an informed decision.

Interactive Exploration

  • Use the virtual tour as a tool to plan your visit, selecting the best seats for your needs.
  • Share the tour with friends or family to gather their input on seating arrangements.

Accessible Seating Information

David geffen hall seating chart

The David Geffen Hall offers accessible seating options to ensure that all patrons can enjoy performances comfortably and safely.

The David Geffen Hall seating chart is designed to provide an optimal concert experience for all patrons. Whether you prefer to be close to the stage or have a more panoramic view, there’s a seat that’s perfect for you. If you’re interested in other types of charts, you can also check out the mec powder bushing chart . The MEC powder bushing chart is a useful tool for reloaders who want to achieve consistent and accurate powder charges.

Returning to the David Geffen Hall seating chart, it’s worth noting that premium seats are available for those who want the best possible experience.

Accessible seating includes wheelchair-accessible seats, companion seating, and assistive listening devices.

Wheelchair-Accessible Seats

Wheelchair-accessible seats are located throughout the hall and provide ample space for patrons to maneuver their wheelchairs.

Patrons can request wheelchair-accessible seats when purchasing tickets online, by phone, or at the box office.

Before you secure your seats at the David Geffen Hall, be sure to check out the r410 temperature pressure chart to plan for the optimal temperature and pressure conditions. The seating chart provides a detailed layout of the hall, ensuring you can select the perfect spot for an unforgettable musical experience at the David Geffen Hall.

Companion Seating

Companion seating is available for patrons who require assistance from a companion.

Companion seats are located next to wheelchair-accessible seats and provide space for a companion to sit alongside the patron.

Assistive Listening Devices

Assistive listening devices are available for patrons who have difficulty hearing.

These devices can be requested when purchasing tickets and are available at the box office on the day of the performance.

Group Seating Options

The David Geffen Hall offers a range of group seating options to accommodate various needs and preferences. From intimate box seats to spacious balcony sections and luxurious private suites, there’s something for every group.

Box Seats

Box seats provide a premium experience with exclusive amenities. Each box has plush seating, private restrooms, and in-seat food and beverage service. Box seats are ideal for small groups looking for a luxurious and intimate setting.

Balcony Seats

Balcony seats offer a panoramic view of the stage and the hall. They are located on the upper levels of the hall and provide a great perspective on the performance. Balcony seats are available in various sizes, making them suitable for both small and large groups.

Private Suites

Private suites are the ultimate in group seating luxury. These spacious suites feature comfortable seating, private restrooms, and dedicated staff. They also offer exclusive amenities such as in-suite dining and personalized service. Private suites are ideal for large groups seeking a premium and unforgettable experience.

Premium Seating Experiences

Seating chart geffen playhouse stage main theater skirball shows currently playing

David Geffen Hall offers a range of premium seating experiences that cater to discerning patrons seeking an elevated and exclusive concert-going experience. These packages include VIP packages, meet-and-greets, and exclusive access to special events and behind-the-scenes tours.

Premium seating experiences at David Geffen Hall come with a host of perks and benefits, including:

VIP Packages

  • Prime seating in the orchestra or parterre sections, offering unparalleled views of the stage
  • Exclusive access to the VIP lounge, where guests can enjoy pre-concert cocktails and hors d’oeuvres
  • Meet-and-greets with renowned artists and conductors
  • Personalized service and dedicated concierge assistance


  • Opportunities to meet and interact with world-renowned musicians and conductors
  • Intimate gatherings held in exclusive settings, such as the Green Room or the Artists’ Lounge
  • Personalized photo opportunities and autographed memorabilia

Exclusive Events

  • Access to private concerts, rehearsals, and masterclasses led by renowned artists
  • Behind-the-scenes tours of David Geffen Hall, including the stage, orchestra pit, and backstage areas
  • Invitations to exclusive receptions and dinners with musicians and conductors

Tips for Selecting Seats

Selecting the best seats in David Geffen Hall depends on your preferences, budget, and the event you’re attending. Consider factors like sightlines, acoustics, and proximity to amenities.


  • Choose seats that provide a clear view of the stage.
  • Avoid seats obstructed by pillars, balconies, or other structures.
  • Opt for seats in the center sections for an optimal view.


  • David Geffen Hall is renowned for its excellent acoustics.
  • Seats in the orchestra and dress circle sections offer the best sound quality.
  • Avoid seats in the rear balcony, as sound may be less clear.

Proximity to Amenities

  • Consider the location of restrooms, concessions, and other amenities.
  • If you need easy access to amenities, choose seats near the aisles or entrances.
  • If you prefer a quiet experience, opt for seats away from high-traffic areas.