Durham Bulls Seating Chart

Dive into the world of Durham Bulls seating chart and elevate your game-day experience. Our comprehensive guide unveils the best seats for every need, accessible seating options, and tips for making the perfect choice.

Whether you’re a family seeking comfort, a group craving camaraderie, or a solo fan prioritizing views, we’ve got you covered. Get ready to navigate the Durham Bulls Athletic Park seating chart like a pro!

General Overview of Durham Bulls Seating Chart

The Durham Bulls Athletic Park is home to the Durham Bulls, a minor league baseball team in the International League. The seating chart at the stadium is divided into different sections and levels, each with its own amenities and price ranges.

The stadium has a total of 10,000 seats, including 6,000 reserved seats and 4,000 general admission seats. The reserved seats are located in the lower bowl and the general admission seats are located in the upper bowl.

The lower bowl is divided into 16 sections, each with its own rows and seat numbers. The sections are named after different areas of Durham, such as the “Bull City” section and the “Research Triangle” section.

The upper bowl is divided into two sections, the “General Admission” section and the “Party Deck” section. The General Admission section is located in the outfield and the Party Deck section is located behind home plate.

Price Ranges

The price of tickets varies depending on the section and the day of the week. The most expensive tickets are for the lower bowl sections, which are located closest to the field. The least expensive tickets are for the general admission sections, which are located in the upper bowl.


The amenities at the stadium vary depending on the section. The lower bowl sections have more amenities than the upper bowl sections. Some of the amenities available in the lower bowl sections include cup holders, armrests, and a wider selection of food and beverage options.

The upper bowl sections have fewer amenities than the lower bowl sections. However, the upper bowl sections offer a more relaxed atmosphere and a better view of the field.

If you’re planning a night out at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park, be sure to check out their seating chart to find the perfect seats for your group. Whether you’re looking for a view of the field or prefer to be close to the action, there’s a seat for everyone.

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SectionRowsSeat Numbers
Bull City1-201-100
Research Triangle1-20101-200
American Tobacco1-20201-300
Durham Freeway1-20301-400

Best Seats for Different Needs

Durham Bulls Seating Chart

When selecting seats at Durham Bulls Athletic Park, consider your specific preferences and requirements. Here are some recommendations for the best seats based on various needs:

  • Families:For families with young children, seats in the lower levels near the first base line or third base line offer a good view of the field and are close to family-friendly amenities like the Kids Zone and the picnic area.

  • Groups:Groups of friends or colleagues may prefer seats in the outfield sections, which offer a more social atmosphere and provide a panoramic view of the stadium.
  • Individuals:Individuals looking for a more intimate experience may opt for seats in the infield sections, which provide a closer view of the action and a more immersive game-day atmosphere.

Accessible Seating: Durham Bulls Seating Chart

Durham bulls seating chart

Durham Bulls Athletic Park is committed to providing an inclusive and accessible experience for all guests. The ballpark offers a variety of accessible seating options to ensure that everyone can enjoy the game.

Wheelchair-accessible seats are located throughout the ballpark, including in the infield and outfield sections. Companion seating is also available next to wheelchair-accessible seats for guests who need assistance.

Durham Bulls Athletic Park offers a fantastic game-viewing experience with its well-designed seating chart. If you’re looking for a different baseball experience, check out the cotton bowl stadium seating chart . It provides an in-depth overview of the seating arrangements at this iconic stadium.

Returning to the Durham Bulls, their seating chart allows you to choose the perfect spot to cheer on your favorite team.

Designated Areas

  • Wheelchair-accessible seating is located in the following sections:
    • Sections 101-103
    • Sections 115-117
    • Sections 201-203
    • Sections 215-217
  • Companion seating is available next to wheelchair-accessible seats in all sections.

Other Amenities

  • Accessible restrooms are located throughout the ballpark.
  • Assistive listening devices are available at the Guest Services booth.
  • Service animals are welcome at the ballpark.

Virtual Tour and Interactive Map

The Durham Bulls offer a virtual tour and interactive map of their seating chart to help fans visualize the stadium and make informed decisions about their seats.

The virtual tour provides a 360-degree view of the stadium, allowing fans to explore different seating sections and get a feel for the atmosphere.

Interactive Map, Durham bulls seating chart

The interactive map allows fans to select their desired seating section and view the corresponding seat numbers and prices. This tool is especially helpful for fans who want to compare different seating options and find the best value for their money.

To access the virtual tour and interactive map, visit the Durham Bulls website at [website address].

Purchasing Tickets and Seating Upgrades

Durham bulls park athletic map stadium seating chart parking rp information

Purchasing tickets and upgrading seats for Durham Bulls games is a straightforward process. You can purchase tickets online, over the phone, or in person at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park box office.

Here are the steps involved in purchasing tickets:

  • Visit the Durham Bulls website or call the box office at (919) 956-BULL.
  • Select the game you want to attend.
  • Choose your seats from the available inventory.
  • Enter your payment information.
  • Your tickets will be sent to you via email or mobile device.

If you want to upgrade your seats, you can do so by calling the box office or visiting the website. There is a fee for upgrading seats.

Tips for Choosing the Right Seats

Bulls durham ballpark ticket milb

When selecting the perfect seats for your Durham Bulls game, consider these helpful tips:

  • -*Budget

    Determine your budget and explore seating options within your price range.

  • -*Group size

    If you’re attending with a group, consider the size of your party and choose seats that accommodate everyone comfortably.

  • -*Personal preferences

    Consider your preferences for shade, proximity to the field, and amenities like cup holders or legroom.

  • -*Check the interactive map

    Utilize the interactive seating chart to visualize the stadium layout and explore different seating options.

  • -*Read reviews

    Seek feedback from other fans who have attended games in specific sections to get their insights on the seating experience.