Hartwick Academic Calendar: A Comprehensive Guide

The Hartwick Academic Calendar serves as the roadmap for the academic year, outlining key dates, deadlines, and events that guide students through their academic journey. With a structured and comprehensive approach, it ensures a smooth and organized learning experience.

The calendar is divided into semesters, including Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer, each with its own unique course offerings and deadlines. It provides a clear overview of the academic schedule, allowing students to plan their coursework effectively and stay on track with their studies.

Overview of Hartwick Academic Calendar

Hartwick Academic Calendar: A Comprehensive Guide

The Hartwick Academic Calendar provides a comprehensive overview of important dates, deadlines, and academic events throughout the year. It is designed to assist students, faculty, and staff in planning their academic and extracurricular activities.

The academic calendar is structured into two semesters: the fall semester and the spring semester. Each semester typically begins in late August and ends in early May. The fall semester includes a fall break in October, while the spring semester includes a spring break in March.

Key Dates and Deadlines

Key dates and deadlines included in the academic calendar include:

  • First day of classes
  • Last day to add/drop classes
  • Midterm exams
  • Final exams
  • Commencement

Registration and Enrollment

The registration and enrollment process at Hartwick College ensures that students can select and enroll in courses that align with their academic goals and degree requirements. The process is designed to be efficient and convenient for both new and returning students.

New Student Registration

New students typically register for courses during their orientation program. They are advised by academic advisors who help them select courses that meet their degree requirements and interests. New students can register for courses online through the college’s student portal or in person at the Registrar’s Office.

Returning Student Registration, Hartwick academic calendar

Returning students can register for courses online through the student portal. They can also register in person at the Registrar’s Office. Returning students are encouraged to meet with their academic advisors before registering for courses to ensure that they are on track to complete their degree requirements.

Course Selection and Enrollment

Students can select courses from the college’s course catalog. The catalog provides detailed information about each course, including the course description, prerequisites, and meeting times. Students can use the course search tool on the college’s website to find courses that meet their needs.

Once students have selected their courses, they can enroll in them through the student portal. Students can add and drop courses until the add/drop deadline. The add/drop deadline is typically two weeks after the start of the semester.

Important Registration Dates and Deadlines

  • Orientation for new students: August 22-24, 2023
  • First day of classes: August 28, 2023
  • Add/drop deadline: September 11, 2023
  • Last day to withdraw from a course with a “W”: October 27, 2023

Academic Policies and Procedures

Hartwick academic calendar

Hartwick College upholds academic policies and procedures that govern student conduct, academic integrity, and the pursuit of academic excellence. These policies are designed to create a fair and equitable learning environment for all students.

The following are key academic policies and procedures:


  • Attendance is expected at all scheduled classes and academic activities.
  • Excessive absences may impact a student’s grade or result in disciplinary action.


  • Grades are based on a student’s performance in coursework, exams, and other assessments.
  • Grading scales and rubrics are provided by instructors at the beginning of each course.

Academic Integrity

Hartwick College values academic integrity and expects all students to adhere to the highest ethical standards.

  • Plagiarism, cheating, and other forms of academic misconduct are strictly prohibited.
  • Violations of academic integrity may result in disciplinary action, including suspension or expulsion.

Academic Accommodations

Students with disabilities who require academic accommodations should contact the Disability Services Office.

  • Documentation of the disability is required.
  • Reasonable accommodations will be provided to ensure equal access to education.

Course Withdrawals and Incompletes

Students may withdraw from courses or request an incomplete grade under specific circumstances.

The Hartwick Academic Calendar provides a comprehensive overview of academic events and deadlines throughout the year. For those seeking a customizable and flexible calendar, the 21 fix day calendar offers a convenient solution. With its ability to accommodate various academic schedules, it can seamlessly complement the Hartwick Academic Calendar, allowing students to track important dates and appointments effectively.

  • Withdrawals must be completed by the published deadlines.
  • Incompletes are granted only in cases of unforeseen circumstances that prevent a student from completing coursework on time.

Ultimate Conclusion

Hartwick academic calendar

In summary, the Hartwick Academic Calendar is an indispensable tool for students, providing a comprehensive framework for their academic endeavors. By adhering to the deadlines, participating in key events, and leveraging the resources available, students can maximize their academic success and make the most of their time at Hartwick.

User Queries: Hartwick Academic Calendar

What is the registration process for new students?

New students should refer to the Admissions Office website for detailed information on the registration process, including timelines and required documents.

How do I request academic accommodations?

Students seeking academic accommodations should contact the Office of Accessibility Services to discuss their needs and eligibility.