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The History Of Hindu Calendar And Panchang | Hindu Month Name

Hindu calendar or Indian calendar is a lunisolar calendar that has many regional variations but it is different from other types of calendars used worldwide. The Hindu calendar is used in the Indian subcontinent and south-east Asia. This calendar is followed by the Hindu religion for its regional variations and religious purposes. Most of the Hindu know it as Hindu Vrat & Tyohar calendar. The local language of Hindi fasting is known as Vrat (upavas) and Tyohar relates to any festival. According to the Hindu calendar, most of the festivals include both fasting and festival at the same time. In this article, we have tried to Summarize the history of the Hindu calendar, better known as the Indian Calendar. Hindu calendar is full of festivals and holidays, that’s why we have created a list of Hindu festivals in 2021 and Months name as per Hindu Calendar. 

History Of Hindu Calendar or Hindu Panchang

Just like the Gregorian calendar and Julian calendar, Hindu Calendar is also a record system based on sidereal year. Most people call it the Indian calendar or Hindu Panchang. According to the studies, Shalivahana Saka and Vikram Samvat (Bikrami) are the most known Hindu calendar. Shalivahana Saka was found in South India and Vikram Samvat (Bikrami) was discovered in Nepal. 

Apart from these two, some regional calendars are used in different states of India such as in Tamil Nadu people use the Tamil calendar and in Bengal, people use the Bengali calendar. Tamil and Bengali calendars are based on the lunar cycle and their new year starts from spring but in Kerala, people use the Malayalam Calendar which emphasizes the solar cycle and their new year starts from autumn.

Hindu Calendar As Multi-dimensional Calendar

It would not be wrong to say that the Hindu calendar has a multi-dimensional method to keep the record of time and days information. This calendar is the perfect combination of lunar days, solar days, the lunar month, and solar month. The calendar keeps the record of the Sun and the Moon and also follows the rules of astronomy to define the exact date and month. Most people find it vastly more complex because it is different from other calendars like Gregorian and Julian calendar.

Indian calendar or Hindu calendar is based on the synodic lunar month and follows the movement of the Moon and the Sun. Just like the Gregorian calendar, it has 12 months with 30 lunar days but further, it grouped into fortnights with 15 days of bright and 15 days of dark.

Name Of 12 Months  as per Hindu Calendar or Indian Calendar


Month Name Zodiac Start From  Days
Chaitra Aries March 22 / 21 30/31 Days
Vaisakha Taurus April 21 31 Days
Jyaistha Gemini May 22 31 Days
Asadha Cancer June 22 31 Days
Shravana Simha July 23 31 Days
Bhadra Virgo August 23 31 Days
Asvina Libra September 23 30 Days
Kartika Scorpio October 23 30 Days
Agrahayana Sagittarius November 22 30 Days
Pausa Capricorn December 22 30 Days
Magha Aquarius January 21 30 Days
Phalguna Pisces February 20 30 Days

12 Indian Zodiac According To The Sun Signs

  1. Aries– April 14 – May 15
  2. Taurus– May 15 – June 15
  3. Gemini– June 15 – July 16
  4. Cancer– July 16 – August 17
  5. Leo– August 17 – September 17
  6. Virgo– September 17 – October 17
  7. Libra– October 17 – November 16
  8. Scorpio– November 16 – December 16
  9. Sagittarius– December 16 – January 14
  10. Capricorn– January 14 – February 13
  11. Aquarius– February 13 – March 14
  12. Pisces– March 14 – April 14