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How the calendar was invented?

We use calendars daily in our lives for many important works. We use it in offices, schools, digital devices, and several goals too.

But have you ever wondered how a calendar was invented?

That’s an interesting question, isn’t it?

Let’s see how it was invented and why it was so important to create a calendar.


Invention Of Calendar


In 1582, the calendar that we use today was invented by Pope Gregory XIII.

The name of this calendar was also given after his name, but it wasn’t as popular as it is today.

There used to be Julian Calendar even before that which was invented by Julius Caesar in 46 BC.

Need Of Calendar Back Then


Julian Calendar was there before Gregorian Calendar, but it had many flaws.

One flaw was that he had missed the correct calculation of solar year and there was a difference of 11 minutes to be exact.

As the solar year was miscalculated, over the time it fell out of sync with all the seasons we have.

The second flaw was that Julian Calendar would add an extra day every four years in February which in over the years increased the number of days in February.

So there had to be a different and correct calendar to track days, months, and years back then.


How Gregorian Calendar Replaced Julian Calendar?


Like we can analyze both of the calendars now, there wasn’t any such information and people had no time to think about it.

Then when over the years they started noticing that seasons are not syncing with the dates on their calendar, the started suspecting the analogy of the Julian Calendar.

Pope Gregory XIII, understood the flaws of the previous calendar and devoted a lot of time to crafting the perfect calendar which won’t have both the flaws from the previous ones.

Interestingly, it was well accepted by Britain as well and the date overnight changed from September 2 to September 14.