Kenan Memorial Stadium Seating Chart

Welcome to the Kenan Memorial Stadium seating chart, your ultimate guide to finding the best seat for your next game day experience. Whether you’re a seasoned Tar Heel fan or visiting for the first time, this comprehensive chart will help you navigate the stadium’s sections, rows, and amenities with ease.

Our interactive seating chart allows you to explore the stadium from the comfort of your home, providing detailed information on seat numbers, aisle locations, and special features. With pricing and availability information at your fingertips, you can secure your tickets with confidence.

Kenan Memorial Stadium Seating Chart Overview

Kenan Memorial Stadium Seating Chart

The Kenan Memorial Stadium seating chart is a detailed diagram that provides a comprehensive overview of the stadium’s seating arrangements. It helps fans visualize the layout of the stadium, locate their seats, and understand the different seating options available.

Kenan Memorial Stadium is a historic football stadium located on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The stadium was built in 1927 and has undergone several renovations and expansions over the years. The current seating capacity of the stadium is over 50,000, making it one of the largest stadiums in the Atlantic Coast Conference.

Interactive Seating Chart Design

Kenan memorial stadium seating chart

An interactive and user-friendly seating chart is essential for providing a seamless experience for ticket buyers. It allows them to easily navigate the stadium layout, select their desired seats, and purchase tickets. By creating a responsive design that adjusts to different screen sizes, you ensure that the seating chart can be accessed and used on any device.

When you’re planning your next visit to Kenan Memorial Stadium, make sure to consult the seating chart to find the best seats for your needs. Whether you’re looking for a great view of the field or you want to be close to the action, there’s a seat for you.

And if you’re not sure how to calculate the area and perimeter of your seating section, be sure to check out this area and perimeter anchor chart for some helpful tips. With a little planning, you can make sure your next visit to Kenan Memorial Stadium is a memorable one.

Additionally, it is crucial to design an accessible seating chart that caters to the needs of all users, including those with disabilities. This can include providing features such as screen readers, closed captioning, and accessible navigation.

Best Practices for Designing an Interactive Seating Chart

When designing an interactive seating chart, there are several best practices to follow:

  • Use a clear and concise layout that makes it easy for users to find their seats.
  • Provide multiple views of the stadium, such as a top-down view and a 3D view.
  • Allow users to zoom in and out of the seating chart to get a closer look at the available seats.
  • Provide detailed information about each seat, such as the seat number, row, section, and price.
  • Make it easy for users to select their seats and purchase tickets.
  • Provide customer support to help users with any questions or issues they may have.

Detailed Section and Row Information

Stadium kenan section row rateyourseats

The Kenan Memorial Stadium boasts a diverse array of sections and rows, each offering unique perspectives and amenities. Understanding the stadium’s layout will enhance your game-day experience.

Each section is designated by a letter, while rows are numbered sequentially from the field level to the upper deck. Aisle locations vary depending on the section, providing convenient access to concessions, restrooms, and exits.

Lower Level

  • Sections A-D:Located on the sidelines, these sections offer premium views of the field. Row 1 is closest to the field, while higher rows provide elevated perspectives.
  • Sections E-H:Situated behind the end zones, these sections provide a wide-angle view of the action. Row 1 is at field level, offering an immersive experience.

Club Level

  • Sections J-L:These sections offer comfortable seating with access to exclusive club amenities, including private restrooms and concessions.

Upper Deck

  • Sections M-Q:Located at the highest level of the stadium, these sections provide panoramic views of the field and surrounding campus.
  • Sections R-U:Situated behind the end zones, these sections offer a unique perspective on the game.

Pricing and Availability

Kenan Memorial Stadium offers a range of seating options to suit different budgets and preferences. Ticket prices vary depending on the seating category, event, and availability.

If you’re looking for the best seats at Kenan Memorial Stadium, check out the seating chart to find the perfect spot. And if you’re curious about the astrological alignment of your favorite celebrities, take a peek at Nicki Minaj’s natal chart for insights into her personality and career.

Once you’ve explored the stars, come back to the Kenan Memorial Stadium seating chart and secure your seat for an unforgettable game day experience.

Tickets for football games are typically available for purchase several months in advance. They can be purchased online through the university’s ticket office, by phone, or in person at the stadium box office.

Pricing Structure

  • Lower Level:$60-$120
  • Mid Level:$40-$80
  • Upper Level:$20-$60
  • Student Section:$20


Ticket availability varies depending on the event and seating category. Lower-level seats tend to sell out quickly, especially for high-profile games. It is recommended to purchase tickets as early as possible to secure the best seats.

Accessibility Features

Kenan memorial stadium seating chart

Kenan Memorial Stadium is committed to providing an inclusive and accessible experience for all attendees. The stadium features a range of accessibility features to ensure that everyone can enjoy the game in comfort and safety.

To ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience, the stadium provides the following accessibility features:

Wheelchair-Accessible Seating

  • Designated wheelchair-accessible seating areas are available throughout the stadium.
  • These areas provide ample space for wheelchairs and companions, and are located near accessible restrooms and concessions.
  • To reserve wheelchair-accessible seating, please contact the Kenan Memorial Stadium ticket office in advance.

Companion Seating

  • Companion seating is available for individuals who require assistance from a companion while attending events at the stadium.
  • Companion seats are located adjacent to wheelchair-accessible seating areas.
  • To request companion seating, please contact the Kenan Memorial Stadium ticket office in advance.

Assistive Listening Devices

  • Assistive listening devices are available for individuals with hearing impairments.
  • These devices can be checked out from the stadium’s Guest Services office.
  • A valid ID is required to check out an assistive listening device.

Additional Accessibility Features, Kenan memorial stadium seating chart

  • The stadium is equipped with accessible restrooms throughout.
  • Elevators are available to access all levels of the stadium.
  • Service animals are welcome at Kenan Memorial Stadium.

Virtual Tour and Seat Views

Take a virtual tour of the stadium to explore the seating arrangements and get a sense of the atmosphere.

High-quality images or videos showcase different seat views from various sections, conveying the experience of being in the stadium and watching an event.

Interactive Seat Views

Use the interactive seat views to explore the stadium from different perspectives. Select a section and row to see a detailed view of the seats.

360-Degree Panoramas

Explore the stadium with 360-degree panoramas. These immersive views provide a complete look at the seating arrangements and the surrounding area.

Seat View Examples

See examples of seat views from different sections of the stadium. These images provide a realistic idea of what it’s like to sit in a particular seat.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Kenan Memorial Stadium Seating Chart

Stadium seating kenan memorial football north notes

This section provides answers to frequently asked questions regarding the Kenan Memorial Stadium seating chart. Explore the list below for helpful information.

Ticket Purchasing

  • *How can I purchase tickets for Kenan Memorial Stadium events?
  • Tickets can be purchased online through the official Kenan Memorial Stadium website, by phone, or at the stadium box office.
  • *What payment methods are accepted for ticket purchases?
  • Major credit cards, debit cards, and cash are accepted.
  • *Are there any discounts available for ticket purchases?

Discounts may be available for students, seniors, and military members. Please check the Kenan Memorial Stadium website for current offers.

Seating Options

  • *What types of seating options are available at Kenan Memorial Stadium?
  • The stadium offers a variety of seating options, including reserved seats, general admission seats, and luxury suites.
  • *How can I determine the best seats for my needs?
  • Consider factors such as your budget, preferred view of the field, and any accessibility requirements. The interactive seating chart provides a detailed view of the stadium layout.
  • *Are there any obstructed views in the stadium?

Some seats may have obstructed views due to pillars or other structures. The interactive seating chart indicates any potential obstructions.

Accessibility Features

  • *Are there accessible seating options available at Kenan Memorial Stadium?
  • Yes, the stadium offers accessible seating for guests with disabilities. These seats are located throughout the stadium and provide clear views of the field.
  • *How can I request accessible seating?
  • Accessible seating can be requested through the Kenan Memorial Stadium website or by contacting the stadium box office.
  • *Are there any other accessibility features available at the stadium?

The stadium provides a range of accessibility features, including elevators, ramps, and accessible restrooms.