Surf City North Carolina Tide Chart

Get ready to ride the waves with our comprehensive surf city north carolina tide chart! This essential guide provides surfers with all the information they need to plan their surfing sessions and maximize their wave-catching opportunities.

Discover the factors that influence tide predictions, explore historical tide data, and learn about tide safety tips to ensure a safe and enjoyable surfing experience.

Tide Predictions for Surf City, North Carolina

The tide chart below provides predictions for the next 7 days in Surf City, North Carolina. Tide height is measured in feet and the tide type is indicated as high or low.

These predictions are based on historical data and may vary due to weather conditions and other factors.

Tide Chart

DateTimeTide Height (ft)Tide Type
2023-03-0812:00 AM2.5High
2023-03-086:00 AM0.5Low
2023-03-0812:00 PM3.0High
2023-03-086:00 PM1.0Low
2023-03-0912:00 AM2.5High
2023-03-096:00 AM0.5Low
2023-03-0912:00 PM3.0High
2023-03-096:00 PM1.0Low
2023-03-1012:00 AM2.5High
2023-03-106:00 AM0.5Low
2023-03-1012:00 PM3.0High
2023-03-106:00 PM1.0Low
2023-03-1112:00 AM2.5High
2023-03-116:00 AM0.5Low
2023-03-1112:00 PM3.0High
2023-03-116:00 PM1.0Low
2023-03-1212:00 AM2.5High
2023-03-126:00 AM0.5Low
2023-03-1212:00 PM3.0High
2023-03-126:00 PM1.0Low
2023-03-1312:00 AM2.5High
2023-03-136:00 AM0.5Low
2023-03-1312:00 PM3.0High
2023-03-136:00 PM1.0Low

Factors Affecting Tide Predictions: Surf City North Carolina Tide Chart

Surf City North Carolina Tide Chart

The precise prediction of tides is a complex task influenced by a multitude of factors. These factors can be broadly categorized into astronomical and geographical influences.

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Astronomical factors primarily involve the gravitational pull exerted by celestial bodies, particularly the moon and the sun. The moon’s gravitational pull, being significantly stronger than that of the sun, plays a dominant role in shaping tides. The Earth’s rotation, combined with the moon’s orbit around the Earth, further modulates the timing and height of tides.

Shape of the Coastline

The shape of the coastline also exerts a significant influence on tide predictions. Coastlines with complex geometries, such as bays, inlets, and peninsulas, can amplify or dampen the tidal range. These coastal features can create resonance effects, leading to higher or lower tides than predicted for open coastlines.

Historical Tide Data for Surf City, North Carolina

Surf city north carolina tide chart

Historical tide data provides valuable insights into the tidal patterns of Surf City, North Carolina. This data can assist in planning water-based activities, such as surfing, fishing, and boating, and can also be used to understand the impact of tides on coastal ecosystems.

The following table presents historical tide data for Surf City, North Carolina, for the past year. The data is organized by date, time, tide height, and tide type.

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Historical Tide Data

DateTimeTide Height (ft)Tide Type

Importance of Tide Predictions for Surfers

Tide predictions are essential for surfers because they provide valuable information about the expected height, direction, and timing of tides. This knowledge is crucial for planning surfing sessions and maximizing wave-catching opportunities.

Surfers use tide charts to determine the optimal time to surf at their favorite breaks. They consider the tide’s height, which affects the size and power of the waves. They also pay attention to the tide’s direction, as it can influence the direction and shape of the waves.

By understanding the tide predictions, surfers can choose the best time to surf, whether it’s during high tide for larger waves or low tide for more accessible beach breaks.

Planning Surfing Sessions

  • Tide predictions allow surfers to plan their surfing sessions around the tides that are most favorable for their preferred type of surfing.
  • For example, surfers who enjoy riding large waves may choose to surf during high tide when the waves are bigger and more powerful.
  • On the other hand, surfers who prefer smaller, more mellow waves may choose to surf during low tide when the waves are smaller and more manageable.

Maximizing Wave-Catching Opportunities

  • Tide predictions help surfers identify the times when the waves are most likely to be breaking.
  • By knowing when the tide is rising or falling, surfers can plan their sessions to coincide with the peak surfing conditions.
  • This increases their chances of catching more waves and having a more enjoyable surfing experience.

Tide Safety Tips

Tide topsail north carolina beach island pier fishing city ocean chart surf times

Surfers and beachgoers need to be aware of the risks associated with tides, rip currents, and strong currents. High tides can make it difficult to enter or exit the water, and they can also create dangerous waves. Rip currents are powerful currents that can pull swimmers away from shore, and they can be difficult to escape.

Here are some safety tips for surfers and other beachgoers:

Before Entering the Water

  • Check the tide chart before entering the water. This will help you avoid high tides and strong currents.
  • Be aware of the location of rip currents. Rip currents are often located near jetties, piers, and other structures that disrupt the normal flow of water.
  • Swim parallel to the shore if you are caught in a rip current. Do not try to swim directly back to shore, as this can be difficult and dangerous.

While in the Water, Surf city north carolina tide chart

  • Be aware of your surroundings. Pay attention to the waves, the current, and the other people in the water.
  • Do not swim alone. Always swim with a buddy.
  • If you are in trouble, call for help. Do not try to be a hero.

Additional Resources for Tide Information

Map nc surf city topsail carolina north beach street

Surf City’s tides are a dynamic aspect of its coastal ecosystem. To stay informed about the latest tide conditions, there are several reputable websites and resources available:

Tide Information Websites

[National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Tides & Currents](https

// Provides comprehensive tide predictions, forecasts, and historical data for Surf City and other coastal locations.


// Offers real-time tide data, tide forecasts, and surf reports for Surf City and many other popular surf destinations.

[Magic Seaweed](https

// Similar to Surfline, Magic Seaweed provides real-time tide information, tide forecasts, and surf conditions for Surf City and other surf spots worldwide.

Real-Time Tide Data

[Surf City Pier Webcam](https

// The live webcam at Surf City Pier provides a real-time view of the ocean, allowing you to observe the tide levels and wave conditions.

[NOAA Buoy Data](https

// NOAA maintains a network of buoys that collect real-time data, including tide levels, wave heights, and wind speeds. You can access data from the buoy closest to Surf City for the most up-to-date tide information.