Trinity Basin Preparatory School: A Comprehensive Guide to the Academic Calendar

Trinity basin preparatory calendar – Welcome to the Trinity Basin Preparatory School Calendar, your comprehensive guide to the academic year. This calendar provides a detailed overview of key dates, events, and important information to help you stay organized and informed throughout the school year.

Our academic calendar is designed to provide a structured and supportive learning environment for our students. It Artikels the academic year’s organization, course scheduling, and assessment schedule, ensuring a smooth and predictable flow of learning.

Trinity Basin Preparatory School Calendar Overview

Trinity basin preparatory calendar

The Trinity Basin Preparatory School calendar Artikels the academic year’s important dates, events, and deadlines. It provides a comprehensive overview of the school year’s structure and key milestones, including the start and end dates of each term, holidays, breaks, and special events.

The academic year at Trinity Basin Preparatory School is divided into three terms: fall, spring, and summer. The fall term typically begins in late August and ends in mid-December. The spring term runs from early January to mid-May, while the summer term is shorter and usually lasts from late May to early July.

Key Dates

Some key dates on the Trinity Basin Preparatory School calendar include:

  • First day of fall term: late August
  • Thanksgiving break: late November
  • Winter break: mid-December to early January
  • First day of spring term: early January
  • Spring break: mid-March
  • Last day of spring term: mid-May
  • First day of summer term: late May
  • Last day of summer term: early July

Unique Features and Notable Events

The Trinity Basin Preparatory School calendar also includes several unique features and notable events:

  • Fall Festival:The annual Fall Festival is a popular event that takes place in October. The festival features games, food, music, and activities for students and families.
  • Winter Concert:The Winter Concert is a showcase of the school’s music program. The concert features performances by the school’s choir, band, and orchestra.
  • Spring Play:The Spring Play is a student-produced theater production that takes place in April. The play is typically a classic work of literature or a contemporary play.

Academic Calendar and Scheduling

Trinity Basin Preparatory School operates on a semester system, with each semester lasting approximately 18 weeks. The academic year is divided into two semesters: Fall and Spring. The Fall semester typically begins in late August and ends in mid-December, while the Spring semester begins in mid-January and ends in early May.

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Course scheduling and registration for each semester takes place during the preceding semester. Students are able to view course offerings and register for classes through the school’s online portal. Students are encouraged to meet with their academic advisors to discuss course selection and ensure they are meeting the requirements for their intended major or program of study.

Special Academic Programs and Events

In addition to the regular academic calendar, Trinity Basin Preparatory School offers a variety of special academic programs and events throughout the year. These programs and events are designed to enhance the educational experience of students and provide opportunities for academic enrichment and growth.

  • Honors Program:The Honors Program is designed for highly motivated and academically talented students. Honors students take rigorous coursework and participate in special seminars and research projects.
  • Advanced Placement (AP) Program:The AP Program allows students to take college-level courses while still in high school. Students who successfully complete AP exams can earn college credit and placement.
  • Independent Study:Independent study allows students to pursue their own interests in greater depth. Students work with a faculty mentor to design and complete an independent study project.

School Events and Activities


Trinity Basin Preparatory School offers a variety of events and activities for students throughout the year. These events provide opportunities for students to engage in extracurricular activities, develop leadership skills, and connect with their peers and the community.

Some of the major school events and traditions include:

Upcoming School Events

Back to School NightAugust 24, 20236:00 PM


00 PM

Parents and guardians are invited to meet with their child’s teachers and learn about the school year.
Fall FestivalOctober 28, 202312:00 PM


00 PM

The annual Fall Festival features games, food, music, and a costume contest.
Winter ConcertDecember 15, 20237:00 PM


00 PM

The school’s music department presents a concert featuring performances by the choir, band, and orchestra.
Spring PlayMay 12, 20247:00 PM


00 PM

The school’s drama department presents a full-length play.

Examination and Assessment Schedule

Trinity Basin Preparatory School follows a comprehensive examination and assessment schedule throughout the academic year. This schedule ensures regular evaluation of student progress, providing timely feedback and opportunities for improvement.

Types of Assessments, Trinity basin preparatory calendar

The school utilizes a variety of assessment methods to gauge student learning, including:

  • Formative Assessments:Ongoing evaluations conducted throughout a unit or lesson to monitor student understanding and provide feedback.
  • Summative Assessments:Major assessments, such as tests, projects, and presentations, that evaluate student mastery of specific learning objectives.
  • Performance-Based Assessments:Assessments that require students to demonstrate their skills and abilities through practical tasks or projects.

Special Accommodations and Considerations

The school is committed to providing equitable access to assessments for all students. Special accommodations are available for students with documented disabilities or specific learning needs. These accommodations may include extended time, modified assignments, or assistive technology.

Assessment Schedule

The examination and assessment schedule is aligned with the academic calendar and unit plans. Major assessments are scheduled at regular intervals to provide students with ample time to prepare and demonstrate their learning. The specific dates and types of assessments vary depending on the grade level and subject matter.Students

are provided with clear expectations and rubrics for all assessments. The school also offers opportunities for students to review their assessments and receive feedback from teachers. This feedback loop helps students identify areas for improvement and develop effective study strategies.By

implementing a comprehensive examination and assessment schedule, Trinity Basin Preparatory School fosters a culture of academic excellence and continuous improvement. Regular assessments provide valuable data that informs instruction, supports student growth, and ensures that students are well-prepared for future academic and professional endeavors.

Concluding Remarks

Trinity basin preparatory calendar

The Trinity Basin Preparatory School Calendar is an essential resource for students, parents, and the entire school community. By utilizing this calendar effectively, you can stay informed about important events, plan your schedules accordingly, and support your child’s academic success throughout the year.

Commonly Asked Questions: Trinity Basin Preparatory Calendar

What is the Trinity Basin Preparatory School Calendar?

The Trinity Basin Preparatory School Calendar is a comprehensive guide to the academic year, providing key dates, events, and important information for students, parents, and the school community.

How can I access the Trinity Basin Preparatory School Calendar?

The calendar is available online and can be accessed through the school’s website or mobile app.

What information can I find in the Trinity Basin Preparatory School Calendar?

The calendar includes information on the academic year structure, course scheduling, assessment schedule, school events, holidays and breaks, and parent-teacher communication.