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What is a Calendar?

A calendar is a system through which we can measure days, weeks, months and years.

Calendars are important to track the time and events happening in our lives as well as in the world.

What is a calendar?

If you look at the ancient time, many thousand years ago; people used to track time and days with the help of day/ night and the moon.

Even there are some evidence that shows there used to be hour glass and even people could tell you the time merely by looking at the sun/moon in comparison to the shadow.

What Is The Need OF A Calendar?

As you clearly see how our ancestors have been using different tricks and systems to measure time and days, it becomes a question of curiosity: “Why do we need a calendar?”

The answer is quite simple, many people understood that by measuring time and keeping track of it, they could organize themselves.

Moreover, they could be certain about their decisions and trade by keeping track of it through calendars.

Today as well, a calendar helps us a lot in keeping ourselves organized and in meeting the deadlines.

How Was The Calendar Created?

There used to be many types of calendars in the past, but now a very few of them exists.

The most popular and widely accepted calendar was Gregorian calendar which was introduced in 1582 by Pope Gregory III.

Though there are many calendars still being used by different communities to track festivals and important religious occasions, Gregorian calendar is the one widely being used.

Modern Calendars

Not all people use a paper calendar now because of digital revolution.

Most of the people own phone, iPad, computer and smart watch which can show the calendars digitally.

In many professions printable calendars are used for specific purpose.

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